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Accelerate your research

Essential web application features and minimalistic mobile app 

Eva Research web application for researchers

What used to take months now takes minutes. Set up and start your study today.

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Select from a range of clinically validated Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROMs) we have aggregated, or create your own custom questionnaires which participants complete through your own mobile app

Eva Research mobile app for participants

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We make life easy for study participants. Everything is done through their own mobile device including onboarding, eConsent, data collection and automated follow up - all defined by you, the researcher

Set up your study in minutes today. Start collecting your data today with the Eva Research Platform

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Eva Research Platform enables researchers to create mobile app-based research studies in minutes, not months

Standardised questionnaires

Alta Flora has licensed and hosts a library of validated Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for researchers to use

Custom questionnaires

Researchers can define their own question types and choices of answers for data entry by participants through their app

Data collection & governance

Researchers define data collection in accordance with study protocols for participants using the Eva Research mobile app

Inclusivity is in our DNA. We welcome all researchers, especially those individuals and small teams who are pushing boundaries 

The Eva Research Platform was especially designed for:

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We love academic researchers and work closely with groups in leading universities

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Biotech companies

We enable biotechs to gather data to support clinical trial design or Real World Evidence which can support research objectives

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Drug manufacturers

From post-marketing surveillance for BAME groups to exploratory feasibility studies, we can support your research outside of Ph I - Ph III

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Research tools which won’t break your budget but which will support your research goals. Explore our “Registries as a Service”



Become CEO of your own healthcare and have a seat at the table with your doctor

If you are collecting Real World Evidence (RWE) we want to help.

We address the major pain points in the industry

Specially built for healthcare research teams faced with budget constraints and limited resources to conduct robust studies easily

Digitisation accelerated by Covid-19

Virtualisation of research due to lockdowns - take the trial to the patient, not the patient to the trial

Greater acceptance of Real World Evidence (RWE) in addition to usual RCT data by regulators and industry

Regulators view their roles as enablers not gatekeepers and recognise the need for inclusivity

Testing, tracking, monitoring all deployed at huge scale, with apps and test kits now commonly used

Access to personal and environmental data

Wearables and connected devices offer real-time data from the individual (e.g. watches, rings)

Cost of genomic testing is plummeting, enabling personalised therapies to be developed

Bloods, saliva, urine and other biomarker information increasingly being taken at home

Increasing focus on capturing environmental data, e.g. air quality, noise pollution

Healthcare budgets under pressure

Global macroeconomic environment means that healthcare budgets are under pressure, and charities / organisations funding research will have to do more with less; medical charities in the UK are expected to cut R&D by £4.1B by 2027

Academics in universities and early stage biotech companies will also be faced with lower budgets as cuts are made in state funding and investor confidence weakens in the face of global uncertainty

Pilot projects underway

Novel ostomy device product feedback pilot

Study into quality of life using a new stoma care product, a fully registered trial and the quality of life aspect forms a small part of the overall data collection

Quality of life in paediatric epilepsy follow-up

Data through Eva Research was for primarily monitoring seizure activity, side-effects and changes to other epilepsy medication

Phase IIb feasibility clinical trial (long-COVID therapy)

Treating Symptoms Associated With Long COVID: A Feasibility Study

Other project mentions and discussions

Mood monitoring pilot

Long-term pain and quality of life  survey

Pilot Studies

We are working with early partners who need a Real World Data collection platform for their projects. If this is you, please get in touch with us.

We encourage you to become an early partner as we are still actively developing our platform and thus open to new ideas and features that may support your project and better patient engagement.

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