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Our Mission

At Alta Flora our mission is to make healthcare research more open and inclusive. We want to transform medical research by making it simple and efficient to run studies.

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We are building tools to enable researchers, producers and clinicians better understand the benefits and risks of transformative medicines for patients. Our robust, low-cost research platform called Eva is being built for teams anywhere in the world to use.


Eva is currently deployed in an MHRA-approved, open label, phase 2 clinical trial to assess the feasibility of a cannabidiol (CBD) dominant medicinal cannabis extract for the treatment of Long COVID, and is now being made available in a self-serve platform for any researcher around the world.


The Eva platform includes online enrollment for patients, digital eConsent, validated PROMs, symptom tracking and the ability for researchers to customise their own questionnaires.


Overcoming today's challenges in medical research


Breaking down barriers to patient participation as under-represented patient groups and poor data capture results in failures in healthcare for many



Clinical trial design needs to fit into people’s lives, not the other way round



High quality data collection tools shouldn’t cost the earth, in fact they should save time and money

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Eva software service is for all researchers

Biotech companies
Drug manufacturers

If you are undertaking Real World Evidence (RWE) collection we want to help.

Areas of medical research we specifically aim to support include:

Mental Health

New areas to research in mental health include the development of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies and the prescribing of cannabinoids. Eva supports commonly accepted PROMS such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7) and Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9), as well as allowing researchers to define their own questionnaires.

Women's health

Women’s health is still an underfunded and stigmatised area of medical research. In fact, in 2020 fewer than one in five trial reports published in journals reported sex-disaggregated results. Additionally, research into conditions such as menstrual wellbeing, gynaecological conditions, the menopause and sexual pleasure is in its infancy and offers the potential to improve Quality of Life for half the population. Eva is built to support person-centric research into women’s health.

Diseases of poverty

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 percent of global health research is devoted to 90 percent of the global disease burden. WHO research confirms that the majority of diseases in low-income countries are caused by poverty. These diseases are known as “diseases of poverty.” Diseases of poverty affect more than 1 billion people worldwide and are completely preventable. Eva is being developed for global deployment to enable research for diseases of poverty

Rare diseases

Globally, there are more than 300 million people living with rare diseases and there are no approved therapies for over 90% of these disorders. Over 80% of rare diseases have a genetic basis and there is a need to share data collaboratively. Eva offers both personalised data and an open framework for researchers to work together

Organic medicines

There has been a recent renaissance in herbal medicines, with the benefits of plant-based secondary metabolites becoming increasingly clear. Plants, fungi and other naturally occurring substances are emerging as powerful and potentially preventative medicines. However, these substances do not benefit from the patent-protected Big Pharma business model of synthetic molecules, and so novel research techniques are required in order to make developing organic medicines viable. Eva is being used to gather patient feedback in research where these novel medicines are being developed.

Drug repurposing

Drug repurposing uses existing drugs to address new or rare diseases. As the cost of developing new licensed medicines becomes higher, repurposing existing drugs offers a faster and de-risked path to bringing effective medicines to market. Eva offers a solution to run large-scale observational studies to support RCTs

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Research Dashboard

In Q2 2022 we will be launching Eva Research Hub where investigators can set up a study and begin recruiting participants in minutes.


In addition to this, there will be straightforward tools to manage the data that fit with your existing statistics and analytics workflows.

Pilot Studies


We are working with early partners who need a Real World Data collection platform for their projects. If this is you, please get in touch with us.

We encourage you to become an early partner as we are still actively developing our platform and thus open to new ideas and features that may support your project and better patient engagement.

Meet the team


Gavin Sathianathan 


CEO & founder

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Meri Filipovic



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Kanta Vekaria



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George Cherry


Product Manager

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Sim Pascu


Design Lead

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Alex Diaz


Software Engineer


Renuka Kelkar


Flutter Developer

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Our advisors

Dr Christian Mazzi

CEO of CORCYM. Board member and investor

Prof Michael Lynskey

Epidemiologist and Chief Research Officer at Drug Science

Dr Ilan Lieberman

Consultant in Pain Medicine and RSM Telehealth Committee council member

Dr Peter Feldschreiber

Barrister specialising in medical regulation. Ex senior MHRA medical assessor 

Dr Stuart Ungar

Serial entrepreneur in the life sciences and NED at Akari Therapeutics PLC

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