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Clinical Research. Simplified.

Our service Eva makes data capture easy, so you can focus on the science. Set up your study in minutes

Access our Decentralised Clinical Trial software to generate Real-World Evidence for your study

Alta Flora mission

Making healthcare research more open and inclusive

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Drug Science is pleased to partner with Alta Flora on clinical data collection. Our pioneering work in collecting Real-World Evidence (RWE) is central to our strategy of building an evidence base that will drive policy change. Our partnership with Alta Flora provides valuable insights for our researchers, enabling us to do this more effectively and with greater impact.

David Badcock, CEO Drug Science

Healthcare in its broadest terms: physical, mental and social wellbeing for the individual


Research being any systematic investigation to establish facts

Open to seek the truth, and promote trust in science and research through transparency. We endorse open standards and open science


Inclusive to address most challenging issues in healthcare research access and equity from a global perspective 

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Research Dashboard

Eva Research is a flexible, self-serve platform which enables researchers to create their own app-based research studies

Access our Decentralised Clinical Trial software to generate Real-World Evidence for your study

Run your study now with early access to Eva research service


Eva and Decentralized clinical trials technology (DCT) 


DCTs are more patient-centric, enabling the trial to adapt to the needs of the study participant


DCTs are more inclusive, allowing underrepresented groups to participate in clinical research 


DCTs are associated with reduced cycle times, faster analysis and significant positive financial impact

''In phase II studies, the typical DCT deployment for a clinical trial resulting in a 1 - 3 month time saving"

The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD)


DCTs increase retention rates of trial participants and lower costs of patient trial recruitment  


DCTs are the focus of regulators as Real-World Evidence (RWE) becomes more widely accepted 

Mobile app key features

Onboarding and consent

Digitise consent form management and onboarding documents

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Flexible data collection

Create your own custom questionnaires, or choose from a range of clinically validated PROMs

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Automated follow-up

Participants receive reminders to complete questionnaires and stay engaged

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